Minister’s Letter

  Rev Robert Roberts     

Thank you…and Happy Summer

Hello White Woman Lane Methodist Community,

July…aahhhh, it’s time to move from thinking about summer and begin living summer. However, you just cannot help from journeying back to your own memories of the summer holidays when the air is warm and the sky is blue. For me that’s not thinking about where the family will go for our one week vacation, but what will I do with all my free time: messing about with other kids in the neighbourhood, reading comic books, climbing trees, riding my bike, fishing at the river, not being in the house or being in school.

July 2019…time to pack up and move-on. It’s time to go thru the ‘stuff,’ once again, to see what is to be kept and what to pass-on to the charity shops and what to put in the bin. Mostly though, it’s time to pause, reflect, and say ‘Thank you.’

Thank you everyone for letting me in. As an itinerant Methodist minister, I am forever an ‘in-comer.’ I’m not from around here. I have a different dialect and I like different things and eat different foods. Yet, you’ve let me in these past few years and I am very thankful.

As I leave for my next appointment, I shall take memories of our times together with me.

May the peace of Christ be forever with you all.

Rev Robert

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