Minister’s Letter

   Rev Robert Roberts

Half Way to Spring!

Hi Everyone,

What a changeable and interesting time of the year. One day it’s just an ordinary winter day: cloudy, a bit dark, just a bit wet, too, and windy. Just the sort of weather that makes the idea of going outside something to do tomorrow or next week or better still next month. Then the impossible happens: full sun, little wind, not a cloud in the sky and dry. But there’s more: the birds are singing at the top of their voices for the absolutely beautiful day at hand and there are little sprouts of green coming up everywhere. Then before the day’s out, it’s cold, again.

Candlemas has been celebrated; we’re half-way to spring. However the Ground Hog has seen his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter. And our British weather has been supporting the great prognosticator by giving us more frosty mornings and even a little snow. How are your snowdrops and crocuses doing?

These first few flowers are so encouraging. I like to ponder how many others have benefited from them in the years past. I imagine an inch of snow on the ground creating a beautiful white blanket that envelope’s the countryside and gardens, while the colourful flowers poke their heads up and say: “Not to worry, enjoy the expansive white blanket, much green and more colour are on the way.”

We celebrate a Holy Lent with worship services, ecumenical gatherings, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Easter. Come and enjoy these fruits of this season. Come and be a part of our fellowship. All are welcome.

May the God of grace, forgiveness and love be known to ALL.

Rev Robert