Lectionary Year C : Sunday 17th November 2019

♦ ♦ ♦ LUKE 21 : 5 – 19 ♦ ♦ ♦


Jesus’ prophecy of the destruction of the Temple and of Jerusalem (vv.5-24) and the coming of the Son of Man (vv.25-36) is set at the conclusion of his ministry and as an introduction to his Passion. It is a climax to his teaching about the kingdom, and provides the context for understanding his death and resurrection. It draws on the tradition of apocalyptic writings that disclose what would otherwise remain hidden, exploring the contrasts between earthly appearances and heavenly reality. From verses 7-8 it seems that Luke sees the destruction of the Temple (in AD 70 – before his ‘orderly account’ (1.3) was written) as a significant event that is not necessarily a sign of the end – which is not immediate (vv.9,20-24). The close connection between Jesus and his followers is strongly emphasised in verses 12-19. For example, as the authorities are seeking to lay hands on Jesus (20.19), so Jesus tells his disciples that rulers will lay hands on them (21.12). Endurance of persecution is an important part of their present relationship with him.

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