Rev Robert’s Thoughts for Advent…

Watching the Sunrise during Dark Mornings of Advent

Lord, thank you for mornings, especially, those with a blazing sunrise through a cloudy winter sky.  It is hard getting up these dark mornings, Lord, and yet sunrise is a surprising sight we miss much of the year.

The other day, the window in the house awesomely framed the red and purple light energized by the rising golden sun. While watching in silence, your presence was all around, as light returned to the world.

Lord, thank you for your love.  Help us move through this week’s errands and holiday preparations with peace, a sense of your sunrise in our hearts.  Fill our spirits, too, Lord.  May the irritations of life dissolve as we offer your love to strangers.

Lord, thank you for all our days. Amen.

Blessings to one and all, Rev Robert