Old Catton Methodist – White Woman Lane

A brief history of White Woman Lane Methodist Church the ‘Church in the School’

Wroxham Road Methodist Church Neighbourhood Committee formed. Tuesday 18th February the first meeting of Neighbourhood Committee concerned with outreach, community services, neighbourhood affairs and ecumenical proposals, took place. The Neighbourhood Committee decided to use White Woman Lane Primary School for Sunday morning worship and in due course the formation of a Sunday School.

Sunday 20th April at 10.00 a.m.
First Church Service at White Woman Lane Primary School, led by Revd Arthur Windridge.

1975 April – 1976 August
Church Services were led on a rota basis by –
Revd Arthur Windridge, Mr Albert Ward, Mr Ivor Harrowven, Mr Ivor Boulton, Mr Kenneth Lusher and Mr Charles Lemmon.

1976 September
10.00 a.m. Sunday worship at White Woman Lane appeared on the full Norwich Circuit Methodist Quarterly Plan.

1993 September
The congregation at White Woman Lane Middle School took the decision to become an autonomous ‘Methodist Society’ (Old Catton Methodist Society) White Woman Lane Methodist Church.

White Woman Lane Methodist Church has been under the pastoral care of the following Methodist Ministers –
Revd Arthur Windridge 1975 – 1982
Revd Wesley Kenworthy 1982 – 1985
Revd Charlie Crane 1985 – 1990
Revd Christopher Sharp 1990 – 1991
Revd John Peters 1991 – 1993
Revd Peter Summers 1993 – 1998
Revd David Lawrence 1998 – 1998
Revd Peggy Heim 1998 – 2003
Revd Nigel Fox 2003 – 2017
Revd Robert Roberts 2017 – 2019
Revd Catherine Hutton 2019 – 2020  
Revd Andrew Burrows 2020 –                    

The Methodist Church had a presence in Old Catton from the 1830s until 1965 on the site which is now the John Brown Funeral Service, North Walsham Road. Please see ‘The My Primitive Methodist Ancestors’ website for further information.