Mission Statement

Old Catton Methodist – White Woman Lane

White Woman Lane Methodist Church Mission Plan

The Calling of the Methodist Church is to –

  • Worship
  • Learning and Caring
  • Service
  • Evangelism

The mission of White Woman Lane Methodist Church is to communicate and share the good news of Jesus Christ to all, so that the people of Old Catton, Sprowston and beyond, may accept Christ as Lord and Saviour and become committed Christians.

Our Mission Aims:

(1) To ensure that, because we meet in a local School, the presence of ‘The Church in the School’ is widely known in the immediate locality.

(2) To develop the existing link with White Woman Lane School.

(3) To provide welcoming information.

(4) To develop our link with ‘Redmayne View’ (sheltered home).

(5) To use personal opportunity for good-neighbourly contact.

(6) To support mission financially.

(7) To be consistent with emphases of ‘Our Calling’ and recent ‘Priorities’, by underpinning everything we do with God-centred worship and prayer.