White Woman Lane – “What I remember”

A letter from the Revd Arthur Windridge –  

In 1973/4 there was an ecumenical “Step Forward Together” campaign in the whole of the Norwich area and Wroxham Rd was involved in it. It included people being asked what they could contribute to the work of the churches, what they might like to see in the life of the church, and any ideas and projects for the future.

One of the suggestions from Wroxham Rd (could well have been Margaret Godden) was for the provision of worship in the White Woman Lane area.  This resolved itself into a request to the school to allow us to use their premises.  The original intention was for this to be organised ecumenically with a local Anglican church or churches.  Unfortunately White Woman Lane is right “on the corner” where three parishes meet and none of the three (Sprowston, Spixworth and Old Catton) felt able to go ahead with us, so we proceeded on our own.

We decided to start with a small group of preachers, five local (Terry Dunning, Ivor Harrowven, Charles Lemmon, Kenneth Lusher and Albert Ward) and one minister (me). A number of stalwarts came from Wroxham Rd – I especially remember Arthur and Dorothy Johnson and Leslie and Freda Wolf.  What I cannot remember is how we “advertised” our presence – did we deliver leaflets, surely we had it well announced in the school?

At first the majority of the congregation were children, but over the years an increasing number of adults joined us.  Gradually other preachers were appointed, especially after the amalgamation of the two Norwich Circuits.

Some years after I left the circuit White Woman Lane became a church in its own right, instead of a part of Wroxham Rd.

All good wishes,