Minister’s Letter

  Revd Catherine Hutton 

Dear Friends

This Christmas, we are focussing on Jesus as the King and how that affects our response to him and to our faith in general.  How do we respond to God’s reign and rule?  How will we ensure that due honour is given to him during the crazy-busy run up to Christmas?  It is maybe when we switch our thinking from ‘run up to Christmas’ to ‘Advent’ that we allow space for peace and contemplation to affect our activity.

The ‘solemn season of Advent’ is the time when preparation is made.  Preparation of our hearts.  Preparation of our response.  Preparation to give, even as we ready ourselves to ‘receive our King’.

So why not sit down daily with a cup of tea and a festive treat, take up your Bible and read through the opening Chapters of Luke or Matthew, look at the prophets Micah and Isaiah and pray that Christ, King of all the world would take his rightful place on the Throne of your heart…

Be blessed this Christmas – in Jesus’ Name

Revd Catherine

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