Minister’s Letter

  Revd Catherine Hutton 

Extract from Letter to the Norwich Methodist Circuit June 20th 2020

Dear Friends –

I do hope that you are keeping well.  You are in our prayers, as a staff team, we are remembering you and holding you up in love.  I found myself a little hors de combat later last week and for the most of this week.  I’m back to it now, after taking a few days to recover.  I was delighted to received a beautiful rose as thanks from the Local Preachers and Worship Leaders earlier this week which really perked me up.  Many thanks to Liz as the Local Preacher’s secretary who was no doubt instrumental in its procurement.  Thanks also to Reverend Matthew who offered some kind words as it was presented to me – they were much appreciated too.

We met as a group of East Anglia Superintendent ministers last week and part of our discussion was around the re-opening of Church Buildings and the practicalities, pitfalls and possibilities around it.  There is a huge document that has to be attended to before any of our buildings may be opened again for use for any reason – risk assessments, sanitation stations, one way systems and so forth.  The superintendent will need to be shown the completed documents for any building which is to re-open in due course.  For now, we believe that the best course of action is to maintain the current status of worshipping online and using the phone and printed materials until September.  Our staff meeting is taking place regularly and the Circuit Stewards are keeping regular contact too.

Our churches are not opening for private prayer – we have considered the risk and the effort to do this and decided that this is not going to work for us.  As Methodists, we have a strong pull to fellowship and where our church buildings are open, we would wish to gather to see one another and to worship together.  To meet again in this way in church is our aim – we want to get to the point of least risk to you and then to come back with glad hearts to worship God together.  For now, please continue to pray in your home – as we pray for the healthcare workers and professionals, the scientists and all involved in combatting the source of COVID-19 and dealing with its consequences. We also continue to pray for those who mourn the loss of their loved ones and those who are currently unwell with COVID-19. We pray for children back at school, the school staff and especially head teachers and governing bodies of schools.  Gavin & I, are in that time when we are getting organised ready to move house and to relocate to Epsom.  Please pray for us as a family as we seek out a School place for Aidan and as Joel seeks a place on a Master’s Degree in the new area.

I send my love to you, and ask that God will give us all we need to bring us all the way through this current situation as he holds us close to his heart.  Please do use the worship resources, many of which can be downloaded from this website, printed or even transferred to a device for those without the internet that they might watch them.

With Love,


Revd Catherine Hutton

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